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The Bower Artist Mark Pettegrow

Mark Pettegrow

Mark Pettegrow began his art career in Maine and relocated to the Philadelphia area to study with Robert Engman at the University of Pennsylvania. Settling in New Hope, PA and summering in Maine, Mark continues to create bronze sculptures based on the lyric and fluid abstractions of natural phenomenon. Mark works with wax, plaster, or clay to create his models for bronze casting. His works are represented in private and public corporate collections throughout the mid-Atlantic and Maine. Mariposa, Spanish for “butterfly”, was chosen by the Allis’s for the beauty of its movement in interpreting motion, suggesting a butterfly in flight. Mark Pettegrow shares the Allis’s love of perennial gardening, drawing inspiration from the flowers, forms, and rhythms found there. For more information on Mark’s work, go to

bower (noun) 1. a pleasant shady place; 2. a retreat or sanctuary