About The Bower

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The Bower is a 36 acre meadow and woodland site on the north slope of the Appalachian Mountains. Located in Perry County Pennsylvania (30 minutes from Harrisburg, PA), The Bower is a sanctuary where art and the natural world co-exist in harmony. We envision The Bower as a community-oriented rural setting featuring woodlands, naturalized landscape, gardens and large scale sculpture and land art. We are committed to supporting and becoming a resource for the arts, educational and nonprofit communities.

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The Bower Development

The Bower is nearing completion and will be open to visitors in May 2021 following completion of Phase 1 development in late 2020. During Phase 1, we collaborated with consultants and artists to design and construct landscape, gardens, sculptures, and facilities, which are placed sensitively within the extensive woodland and acres of meadows.

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A Community Investment

The public will be welcome to visit The Bower by appointment and experience the curated gardens and outdoor spaces as they develop and become established. The outdoor experience will be available to all ages including youth, school groups and homeschoolers for field trips.

bower (noun) 1. a pleasant shady place; 2. a retreat or sanctuary