July 14, 2022 - New Directions in American Landscape (NDAL) Field Day at The Bower

Join award winning landscape designer and founder of NDAL, Larry Weaner, and horticulturist Ethan Dropkin of Larry Weaner Landscape Associates (LWLA) for an immersive day in the field at The Bower.

LWLA played a significant role in the development of The Bower native plant horticulture design. At this workshop, participants will engage directly with Larry and Ethan as they discuss designing and establishing native plant communities in garden, meadow and woodland settings at The Bower. They will be joined by The Bower founders and managers, Bill and Jane Allis, who will add content related to site master planning, art commissioning, organic management of invasive species and new plant communities at landscape scale, along with insights into their project motivation and vision for the future of The Bower.

Registration for this event, intended for landscape professionals, designers and native plant practitioners, is being managed through NDAL. A brochure of the summer NDAL series and registration for this event can be viewed via the links below.

View NDAL Summer Education Series Brochure

NDAL Registration Page

Tuesday July 19, 2022: EXPLORING THE DIMENSIONS OF SCULPTURE - A Class for Children

Immerse your kids in a day of exploring and creating sculpture

Session 1 for ages 6-8 12:00-1:30pm

Session 2 for ages 9-11 3:00-4:30pm

Inspired by Dina Wind’s “Urban Garden” exhibition held at The Bower, students will explore the world of three-dimensional art. Wind considered her metal sculptures “drawings in space,” an approach the students will follow as they design and construct their sculptures. Her signature style utilized found objects such as car parts, tools, and discarded metal, and transformed them into unique compositions.

Following in Wind’s footsteps, students will experiment with their own found materials, such as paper, tin, cardboard, and broken costume jewelry, and turn them into free-standing and relief sculptures, brooches and paperweights. Through this process students will discover the roles of scale and proportion, how forms create movement, and the basics of assemblage art.

Bill Osman is a career educator with a masters in Creative Arts Education. He enjoys sharing his love of art making with others, especially young artists.

In 2021 he partnered with the Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia to first develop and teach Exploring the Dimensions of Sculpture, based on the art of Dina Wind.

John Wind is an artist, jewelry designer, and the president of the Dina Wind Art Foundation. His assemblage-based practice was originally inspired by the found object work of his mother, Dina. His studio and the Foundation headquarters share space in a renovated hundred-year-old firehouse stable in South Philadelphia that recently won a Preservation Alliance Award.

The Dina Wind Art Foundation supports living artists. We share the rich story of artist Dina Wind, ensuring her legacy and promoting her art to empower differences and transform lives.


bower (noun) 1. a pleasant shady place; 2. a retreat or sanctuary