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The Bower is a unique new offering to the community, appealing to garden and nature lovers, art lovers, and those who may wish to enjoy the setting for an intimate special event. We look forward to engaging with those in the community who share these interests and see The Bower as a place where they can learn and grow with us.


The Bower is a spectacular location for nonprofits to hold unique and intimate events to benefit their organizations. Mingling in the gardens, catered farm to table events, outdoor sculpture and popup gallery displays provide a backdrop for your memorable gathering. We envision The Bower as a community resource to share. Visit our Venue page to submit your ideas for ways we can partner.

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The Bower will nurture future landscape designers, naturalists, and artists through internships. See our Interns page to learn more about opportunities to learn and grow with us.

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Youth Groups

The future is in their hands. Engaging youth with nature and the art world is a wonderful way to broaden their horizons and provide them with the freedom to explore and discover. Visit our Youth Groups page to learn more.

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We love volunteers. We look forward to working with those who have the time and energy to help make our project a success. Visit our Volunteers page to learn more.

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Strategic Partners

The Bower will be engaging with other like-minded groups in the community to build support for the local organizations and businesses that complement our Mission. Other strategic partners include those who have helped create The Bower and supported us along the way. By providing information about our strategic partners, we hope to share their fine work with the community. Visit our Strategic Partners page to see our partners and vendors. Consider, as well, how we may work together.

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This endeavor is founder funded and independent. All types of Donations will help us stretch our resources and make The Bower the best it can be for our community. Please visit the Donate page to learn why your gift is so important. And thanks for your support!

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bower (noun) 1. a pleasant shady place; 2. a retreat or sanctuary