The Art Selection

In 2019-2020, we embarked on developing a 36-acre sculpture park and native landscape along the northern slope of the Appalachian Mountains in Perry County, Pennsylvania. We engaged Bridgette Mayer Art Advisors to administer the sculpture procurement during Phase I. Throughout 2019 we communicated  with artists from our Call to Art to select those we felt would provide the perfect pieces for our landscape.  We narrowed the 130 applications to ten sculptures both purchased and commissioned.  Sculptures were installed during summer of 2020, with The Bower planning to open for visits in Spring, 2021.



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The Artists

The Artists vary in their backgrounds, choice of media, and experience with public art.  Their sculptures are formed from dry stacked stone, polished marble; Corten steel, powder coated steel, recycled scrap steel; bronze; and aluminum.  Five artists are local to Pennsylvania; two are from other areas of the US; and we are fortunate to have three from the UK and Europe.  Of our ten finalists, five are men and five are women sculpture artists.  (Due to travel restrictions in 2020, our UK selected artist was unable to complete his work and visit for installation. This will be scheduled for a later date.)

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bower (noun) 1. a pleasant shady place; 2. a retreat or sanctuary