New to The Bower for 2022!

For our second season, The Bower is excited to announce a temporary sculpture exhibit sponsored by The Dina Wind Foundation and Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Dina Wind: Urban Garden, from May 4-October 15. The exhibit features 12 sculptures from the 80’s and 90’s, including The Bower’s own Dina Wind sculpture, Homage to Smith.  As an “urban gardener” Wind created her own exotic collection of plants using rescued and recycled scrap steel.  The featured works, in both stainless and carbon steel, express her aesthetic and environmental message. In her own words:

“We live with man-made treasures which we cherish until they are ultimately discarded. I enter the picture at this point, and as an artist, I recycle the scrap, the junk, and give it new meaning and life…. It’s my belief that our environment can be enhanced and saved from decay and destitution in part through the artist’s creativity to transform these discards into new aesthetic forms.”

Bower visitors will also enjoy several new land art creations throughout the property, courtesy of the imagination and work of owners Bill and Jane Allis and garden assistant and sculptor Jesse Price.



To learn more about Bridgette Mayer click here.

The Artists

The Artists vary in their backgrounds, choice of media, and experience with public art.  Their sculptures are formed from dry stacked stone, polished marble; Corten steel, powder coated steel, recycled scrap steel; bronze; and aluminum.  Five artists are local to Pennsylvania; two are from other areas of the US; and we are fortunate to have three from the UK and Europe.  Of our ten finalists, five are men and five are women sculpture artists.  (Due to travel restrictions in 2020, our UK selected artist was unable to complete his work and visit for installation. This will be scheduled for a later date.)

Click on each artist picture below to gain more information about the artist and the sculpture created for The Bower, as well as general work history.

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