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The Bower Artist Rebecca Rutstein

Rebecca Rutstein

Rebecca Rutstein is a Philadelphia based artist who creates abstract paintings, sculptures, and installations informed by science, data and maps. Her recently completed mural along the Schuylkill River has added a dramatic addition to the Philadelphia skyline. Many of her works are interpretations of the deep ocean based on her frequent expeditions at sea and collaborations with scientists. Rebecca created three pieces for The Bower, "Ridge & Valley", "Interstices" and a painting. Her inspiration for "Ridge & Valley", a monumental 67' x 9' x 1 3/8th " thick plasma cut Corten steel abstract work is the USEPA Ecoregions map of Pennsylvania. The Bower is situated within the Ridge & Valley ecoregion of the Appalachian mountain range. "Interstices" is a subtle corollary land art form hidden amidst the woodland duff in The Pools area of the landscape and comprised of the cutouts from the "Ridge & Valley" fabrication. Her painting in our Visitor Center, influenced by Lidar imagery, is an abstraction of our Perry County topography.

Installation Video

Click here for an installation video of “Ridge & Valley”

bower (noun) 1. a pleasant shady place; 2. a retreat or sanctuary