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The Bower Artist Robert Koch

Robert Koch

Robert Koch grew up in Central Pennsylvania, inspired by a local bronze artist Henry Bertoia. He began his art career with functional stoneware pottery, but came back to his original inspiration as he began to explore using metal to create sculptures. At this point in his career, he moved and created his studio in the NYC area and is represented primarily in Santa Fe. His unique and laborious process entails welding small metal rods together to create his forms, then over working the sculpture with bronze welds to add texture and color. Robert finds his inspiration for his forms from nature. The Allis’s felt his spheres would be a perfect complement to the natural setting of The Bower. For his piece at The Bower entitled Pollen, he created 5 spheres based on a magnified view of pollen grains.

The Bower

bower (noun) 1. a pleasant shady place; 2. a retreat or sanctuary