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The Bower Artist Melanie Serkes

Melanie Serkes

Melanie Serkes is a Philadelphia-based multidisciplinary sculptor. She visited the site in Spring 2019 for inspiration and collaboration with the Allis’s to create her piece for The Bower. The repetition and form of this work harmonize with its surroundings, while the high gloss bright finish evokes natural phenomena left to the viewer’s imagination. Here is a union between opposite forces: the grounded and airborne, solidity and movement. The powder coated welded steel sculpture is approximately 16’ x 10’ x 7’ high. A series of maquettes were made in wood and steel in order to realize the final version of this piece. It is the artist’s first permanent public art installation.

Installation Video

Click here for video of fabrication and installation

bower (noun) 1. a pleasant shady place; 2. a retreat or sanctuary