The Back Door Garden

This area on the east side of the house has several small garden areas, from native ferns along the stone wall to shrub and perennials along the house and garage.

About the Garden

These gardens were created in 2016 and feature a Crapemyrtle tree as well as native shrubs which enjoy afternoon shade, and a variety of shade loving ferns, heucheras, and other perennials. A large group of Leopard Blackberry Lilies bloom here, with their unique delicate arching stems. They were a gift in the early 80’s from Bill’s mother Nana and have migrated around the garden to various spots. In addition, they have mutated with some yellow blooms as well as the true to type spotted lily flowers. Their black seed pods add interest in late fall and winter. Native ferns line a stone wall which features helianthemum or rock rose, ajuga, and grasses. This location is being revised in early 2019, with the addition of gabion wall terracing, removal of the existing wooden deck, new steps and additional planting areas.

About the Flora

Azalea, Native

Azalea, unknown

Barberry, Northern

Bear's Britches

Crapemyrtle Tree, Pink Velour

Daylilies, variety

Fern, Cinnamon

Fern, Oakleaf

Fern, Ostrich

Fern, wild unknown

Holly, Steeds Shrub


Leopard blackberry lily, belamcanda

Mt. Laurel, Dwarf

Pear tree

Pennisetum Alopecurides - Fountain Grass

Rhododendron, Pink Roseum

Rock Rose (Helianthemum), Fire Dragon

bower (noun) 1. a pleasant shady place; 2. a retreat or sanctuary