The Design

Through a six-month process of study and design, the landscape architecture firm of Oehme van Sweden and the Allis’s created a Master Plan for The Bower. The design is based on the Pennsylvania Salient and the mountain folds of The Ridge and Valley Region where The Bower resides. Visitors will traverse the meadow and forest landscape of The Bower through a series of paths that zig-zag across its sloped terrain in a pattern that echoes the folds of the neighboring Appalachian Mountains and the switchbacks of the trails that traverse them.

What to Expect

The design plan is intended to highlight and enhance the native flora of the region. Starting with the existing species present in the meadow, woods edge, and forest, the plan is designed to increase the diversity of native species and enhance certain habitats throughout the property. Visitors can begin with a meadow walk which takes them through the extensive six-acre meadow, the intensely planted residential gardens, along the woods edge, copse shade plantings, and wetland areas,  The walk extends with a one mile trail through the forest and if desired to the top of Little Mountain. Curated sculptures will be carefully sited into the environment to enhance the visitor’s experience.

The Bower

bower (noun) 1. a pleasant shady place; 2. a retreat or sanctuary